The QYS Transition to Adult Living (TAL) program is designed with your young adult in mind.  The programming is designed for male and female youth ages 17-21 who are transitioning out of  a residential care setting.  The youth who work best in the program have a desire to move out on their own, or have a desire to continue educational success through the local university or technology school settings.  If your youth has shown low motivation, addiction to technology and gaming, or seems to struggle with activities of daily living, then this program may be a great fit.  


QYS offers structured apartment settings within licensed foster homes.  The youth are required to work through three phases towards successful completion of the program.  QYS Transistion to Adult Living is a six month program designed to motivate, teach skills and help youth see success in independent living settings.  We have found that once success is achieved in a structured setting, it is very easily transfered to an apartment or dorm setting in the community.  This program offers full clinical services on-site that your youth may access if needed.  Often when youth step down from residential settings they have psychiatric medication, therapeutic work, along with the desire to have the familiar structure of the previous setting.  Our staff are highly trained to monitor for signs of relapse, increased anxiety or depression, fear of moving forward independently, and the act of self-sabotage.

QYS also offers tutoring services to assist in educational pursuits, as well as mentoring groups and classes to help guide the direction of success.

Skills offered in group and individual settings include:


Organizational Skills and Teamwork

·         Independent Living: Time Management

·         Independent Living: Organizing your home

·         Relationships: Working with your partner (partner may also attend)

Decision Making

·         Critical Thinking:  Setting Goals

·         Critical Thinking:  Prioritizing

·         Critical Thinking:  Decision Making

·         Critical Thinking:  Dealing with Unexpected Outcomes

·         Parenting:  Adult Time

·         Parenting:  Time out Techniques (for parents)

·         Parenting:  Raising Responsible Children

·         Parenting:  Resources and Help


Good Citizenship

·         Personal/Social Responsibility:  Responsibility to self/others

·         Personal/Social Responsibility:  Service/giving back

·         Personal/Social Responsibility:  Sharing

·         Personal/Social Responsibility:  Commitments

·         Diversity:  Standing up for yourself

·         Diversity:  Respect Diversity

·         Diversity:  Different Points of View

Life Skills, including parenting

·         Dealing With Stress: Responding to Anger

·         Dealing With Stress: Expressing Feelings

·         Dealing With Stress: Stress Management

·         Dealing With Stress: Recognizing Feelings

·         Relationships: Active Parenting of Teens (both youth and parents will attend)

·         Relationships:  Personal

·         Relationships:  Workplace

·         Relationships:  Loss

·         Relationships:  Family

Budgeting Resources

·         Money Management: Needs vs. Wants

·         Money Management: What can you afford

·         Money Management: Stretching your budget

·         Independent Living: Etiquette

·         Independent Living: Money


·         Positive Self Image: First Impressions

Work Behavior

·         Maintaining Employment:  Accepting Criticism

·         Maintaining Employment:  Working with Others

·         Maintaining Employment:  Leadership at work

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