Be the hero, be the caring, be the bold, be the motivator, just be the somebody! Many children and youth who come from various backgrounds are in need of someone who can provide a stable home and work with a team of other professionals helping the youth move in a positive direction.  


Must be at least 21 years of age, pass a criminal background check, have a willingness and compassion to be a leader to youth.  All medical, dental, clothing and hygiene supplies are provided.  Certification classes going on right now!  

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State of Utah Rules for Foster/Proctor Providers:

•    Everyone in the home eighteen years of age or older must be able to pass a BCI and provide social security cards, and a 
     current Utah drivers license.
•    The home must have no more than 6 children under the age of 18 including foster children.
•    The home must have a separate room for the foster child/children that is at least 80 square feet for one child and 120 squ     are feet for two youth.
•    Couples must be legally married and provide copy of marriage license.
•    Parents must not dependent on the foster or proctor care payment for their expenses beyond those associated with foster or     proctor care.
•    Verification of income must be submitted annually.
•    Parents must be able to provide 24 hour supervision for foster/proctor child.
•    Parents must be willing and able to attend monthly training along with quarterly company wide training.
•    Parents must be willing and able to attend and complete 32 hours of pre-service.
•    Parents must be willing and able to attend and complete CPR and First Aid Training.
•    Parents must be in good health and are able to provide physical and emotional care to the child.
•    Parents must be emotionally stable and responsible persons over 21 years of age.
•    Parents must be an individual or a legally married couple.
•    The home must have no more than two children under 2 that reside in the foster home, including the provider’s natural
•    The foster or proctor home is located where school, church, recreation, and other community facilities are available.
•    Home must be clean, in good repair.


Licensing/Contract Standards for Foster/Proctor homes

  •  The foster or proctor home is free from health hazards, fire hazards and has working smoke detectors and an approved fire extinguisher.
  •  There is sufficient bedroom space for the following: bedrooms are not shared by children of the opposite sex, children do not sleep in the parents’ room, each child has their own solidly constructed bed adequate to the child’s size.
  • A minimum of 80 square feet per child is provided in a single occupant bedroom and a minimum of 60 square feet per child is provided in a multiple occupant bedroom excluding storage space, and no more than four children are housed in a bedroom.
  • Sleeping areas have a source of natural light and are ventilated by mechanical means or equipped with a screened window that opens.
  •  Closet and dresser space is provided within the bedroom for the children’s personal possessions and for a reasonable degree of privacy.
  • There is adequate indoor and outdoor space for recreational activities.
  •  Home has sufficiently balanced meals to meet the children’s needs.
  • Indoor and outdoor areas are maintained to ensure a safe physical environment.
  • Areas unsafe are fenced off or have natural barriers.
  • All furniture and equipment is maintained in a clean and safe condition. Furniture and equipment is of sufficient quantity, variety, and quality to meet individual needs.
  • There are at least two means of exit on each level of the home.                                                                                                                                                   
    1.  Foster and proctor families conduct and document fire drills at least quarterly, and provide documentation to QYS.
    2.  Foster and proctor parents provide training to children regarding response to fire warnings and other instructions for
        life safety.
    3.  Foster or proctor home has a telephone. Emergency telephone numbers are posted next to the telephone.
    4.  Foster or proctor home has an adequately supplied first aid kit.
    5.  Foster and proctor parents who have firearms or ammunition shall assure that they are inaccessible to children at all
        times. Firearms and ammunition that are stored together shall be kept securely locked in security vaults or locked
        cases, not in glass fronted display cases. Firearms that are stored in display cases shall be rendered inoperable with     trigger locks, bolts removed or other disabling methods. Ammunition for those firearms shall be kept securely locked in    a separate location.
    6.  Foster and Proctor home providers shall not provide a weapon to minors. If a foster or proctor parent possesses or uses    a firearm, notification has been made to QYS, DJJS or DCFS.
    7.  Foster and proctor parents who have alcoholic beverages in the home shall assure that they are kept inaccessible to
        children at all times.
    8.  There is locked storage for hazardous chemicals and materials.
    9.  Prescribed medication must be locked behind two locked doors.


Quality Youth Services is comprised of state contracted services working with youth and families. We work diligently to do what works for kids the first time. We offer a team approach to focus on the entire system. Programming includes individual, family and group therapy, medication management, psychosocial rehabilitation services, other skills groups, mentoring and tracking.  

We apply a systems approach to the youth we work with. We focus on treating the whole person within the system they live when possible.

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Patient Forms

New patient? Save time and reduce the amount of paperwork you have to fill out at your first visit. We provide several patient forms as PDF downloads on our site.

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